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    "Pathogen Destruction Technology"

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Featuring "PDe³ - Our Pathogen Destruction Technology"

The Pathogen Death Wand

A Retro-Fit to your Existing Grow Light

PDe³ is a proven, patented and patent pending LIGHT ENERGY SCIENCE technology that delivers Greater Medical Cannabis Safety and Superior Health Security.

PDe³ is a Safe Science. Our patented technology is scientifically proven safe for plants, humans and animals; it is based on pure energy being delivered to plants. PDe³ is made up of beneficial light wave frequency combinations that cannabis plants can fully utilize.

Grow the Healthiest and Strongest Cannabis. PDe³ can support healthier and stronger plant life cycles by promoting nature’s own “organic life processes” (growing without chemicals), and rapidly destroys or continually eliminates many species of fungi and most bacteria affecting plants.

The PDWand

Proven Technology in the Cannabis Industry

The Wand is based on a commercially proven and patented science technology. The Wand delivers PDe³ combinations of wavelengths of light at different intensities to (1) promote the natural enhancement of the photosynthesis cycle and life sustaining processes within the plant, keeping their natural levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids as Mother Nature intended, and (2) rapidly destroy pathogens on top of and within ALL plants.

Stop Using Fungicides and Pesticides When Growing Cannabis. When a grower installs the Pathogen Death Wands correctly and uses them from Seed 2 Sale (mother, clone, grow and cure rooms), they will reduce the majority of harmful pathogens or completely eliminate a dependency on expensive chemicals to fix the room issues and or plant problems.

PDe³ Destroys Pathogens like Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, and most Bacteria.

The time it takes to eliminate the pathogens completely depends on the extent of infestation.

Download the PDe³ Owner's use and care Guide

The Pathogen Death Wand will assist a grower in achieving the best crop yield potential if used from Seed To Sale.

PDe³ works for ANY grower, from small to large scale operations.

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About us

Independent third party tests at a grower location in Colorado have shown that the Pathogen Death Wand products are able to eliminate the threat of powdery mildew for cannabis growers. One example: The Pathogen Death Wand products performed this task in 120 minutes at a distance of 12 - 24 inches over the live crop.

  • Easy retrofit for existing facilities
  • No need for pesticides and hazardous chemicals
  • Increased production provides short term ROI

Pathogen Death Wand Devices make plants healthier by killing Powdery Mildew and other pathogenic fungi and bacteria in a relatively short period of time. In a matter of hours, entire MMJ crops can became free from these pathogens.

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