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Specifically designed for the Medical and Commercial Cannabis Industry

The Pathogen Death Wand

PDe³ - Our Pathogen Destruction Technology

Pathogen Death Wand

PDe³ is Our Proven, Patented “LIGHT ENERGY SCIENCE” and it is Safe and Natural for Greater Cannabis Safety and Superior Health Security

  • PDe³ Prevents Pathogen Infection

  • Naturally Destroys Fungi and Bacteria

  • Harmless to Terpene and Cannabinoid Levels

  • Non-visible PDe³ Light Safe for Use from Seed to Sale

  • Used from Day 1, No Residues or Toxins Left Behind

  • PDe³ Cures Infected Cannabis

  • 5 Year Full Replacement Warranty

  • Safe, Clean, Responsible, Natural Solution for Cannabis

  • Grow the Healthiest Plants, Maximize Your Crop Potential
  • The Pathogen Death Wand

    With PDe³ - Our Pathogen Destruction Technology


    We see the Pathogen Death Wand with PDe³ as the “Great Differentiator”. The PDWand incorporates our PDe³ light formula that is beneficial for plants and deadly for pathogens. It is the ultimate and patented mix of natural wavelength light frequencies that delivers extra life to plants while destroying harmful pathogens.

    The Pathogen Death Wand has found the mystic formula that separates how lower life forms (pathogens) and higher life forms (plants, animals etc.) utilize light energy. This discovery has created a definitive boundary where life is enhanced for one group (the higher life forms) and ended for the other (lower life forms like bacteria and fungi). The Wand uses PDe³ to selectively protect and enhance more complex life forms while at the same time destroying lower life forms.

    The PDWand has found the key to life and death at the cellular level and determines what lives on and what dies.


    The Pathogen Death Wand delivers a unique combination of patented and patent pending light wave spectrums that destroy pathogens and simultaneously produces the healthiest plant you can grow. The Wand will significantly reduce your dependence on fungicides, pesticides and other chemicals.

    Our PDe³ science has established a new boundary that works for any grower to harvest the cleanest and healthiest crop they can. PDe³ does this by delivering packets of energy in waves: packets of particles acting as minute droplets of energy that act like bullets. These bullets are super stimulants for the plant and poison for the bacteria and fungi.

    To be more specific and to grow stronger plants, achieve greater yields, and realize increased revenues –

      Growers should provide their plants with all the safe wavelengths of the sun’s beneficial light spectrum!
      Growers should increase their plant’s ATP production naturally!!
      Growers should improve their plant’s respiration activity and in turn make photosynthesis easier and more effective!!

    Only the PD Wand with PDE³™ can deliver -

      The “missing” patented and proprietary beneficial wavelengths of light that your current grow operation fails to achieve.
      The “missing” wavelengths of light in a unique and varied manner or simply put these wavelengths are delivered in combinations and at differing degrees of power to the plant’s surface.
      Our PDE³ energy that reaches the mitochondria of the plant cell. This energy stimulates added production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is a building block of plant life. The added ATP production allows the plant to absorb more water and nutrients making it healthier.
      Our PDE³ energy that positively effects the respiration activity within your plants.
      The missing wavelengths of light energy that complete your plant’s energy intake requirements.


    The Pathogen Death Wand is designed to be retrofitted onto existing grow lights to add pathogen destruction capability to your Grow Room. The Pathogen Death Wand is not a Grow Light; it is a Pathogen Destruction Device. The PDWand should be installed alongside your current grow lights to best assure maximum pathogen destruction. Hanging brackets come with each Wand.

    The Pathogen Death Wand works for all commercial and medical cannabis growers -- small or large. The Wand is the safest and best organic fungi and bacteria destruction solution available today. For maximum pathogen destruction, the PDWand should be used for the entire duration of your grow, trim and cure cycles while following our operating instructions.

    The PDWand will deliver added benefits when installed in your Mother Room. With the PDe³ science inside, it is an organic control mechanism against infestations like Powdery Mildew, Botrytis and bacteria. The pure energy emitted by the Pathogen Death Wand promotes healthy growth in the plants by regulating naturally occurring processes in them. PDe³ does not cause molecular ionization (the breaking apart of cellular molecules into ions) and does not produce free radicals due to low energy of photons.

    PDe³ is fully compatible with the growing of organic cannabis.

    The Pathogen Death Wand will also work very well in your Cure Room and rapidly destroy fungi like Powdery Mildew and Botrytis and leading bacteria in this important stage of your overall productivity cycle. The Wand delivers PDe³ in a unique way. The Wand provides only invisible wavelengths of light so no visible spectrum is employed in the darkened cure room.

    The Pathogen Death Wand is easy to install and uses high efficiency LED emitters that require minimal electricity to operate. The Wand does not require a reflective surface to perform. The Wand does not require additional ventilation to operate.


    No science lighting device on the market can deliver greater crop potential and a healthier finished product than the Pathogen Death Wand with PDe³.

    We have the differentiator and it is PDe³. We can control natural wavelengths of light likes those that emanate from the sun into a differentiator formula that can determine life or death at the cellular level.

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